There is a strong indication that UNIMAID may commence from Tuesday, 26 November, 2019. Unimaidgist learnt from a statement from the ICT Director, Prof. Babagana Gutti while he was advising students from the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology regarding the new fees schedule. Prof. Gutti said:

“I want to inform Anatomy and Physiology students that all returning students their school fees is 58,900, and they must pay 1,000 for GST for those offering GST or carrying over GST, while for new students is 69,900.

I observed that they are not paying thinking that there is a mistake. They should re-initiate their remita and pay.
I also want to inform all students that they can also pay school fees using ATM card option, which is easier. Just make sure your email is active and correct so that your receipt will be delivered to your email. And very soon additional 5000 has to be paid as from Tuesday for Late Registration. Thank You”

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To this end, it is obvious that the Late Registration will commence as said by the ICT Director and all Returning students are advised to pay their fees to avoid extra charges and it is not really necessary that one must go to bank to pay the fees.

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