Following the recent reshuffling of Unimaid school fees, a lot of misconceptions and confusion has been observed in some quarters among Unimaid students especially regarding the GST PAYMENT and issue of LEVEL. While some students have seen their current level, others are still seeing their previous level a situation which Unimaidgist has learnt is as a result of status, also, it was observed that unlike before, payment on the University portal has been split with the second one bearing GST Payment.
Unimaidgist however has obtained an official statement from the ICT Director, Prof. Guti who said that there is no issue at all that students can go ahead and pay their fees even while they are still seeing their previous level.
His words: “School fees for returning students within a Dept is the same but differs from Dept to Dept. With the exception of Final Year in College and Pharmacy. Level will change, when the status is finalised. So level doesn’t matter”
On the other hand, regarding the GST Payment, he said the payment is strictly for part I and Ii students and those carrying over GST – “Part I and II must pay GST fees, whether carry over or not. For Part III, only those carrying over will pay. If you are only doing GST 331 in part III with no carry over of Part I and II GST, you don’t need to pay. For Part 4 to 6, carrying over Part I GST, Part II GST or part III GST must pay” – Prof. Guti said.

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