Unimaid Accommodation: What New Students Should Know

The Legendary University of Maiduguri is no doubt a place to be made. With the 2018/2019 admission around the corner, the school will accommodate more students from different places.

Aside of accommodation, we will also see new things such as dressing and makeups.

That aside, all new and final year students are entitled to Hostels in the University. The University has 7 Male hostels and 6 female hostels.

Male Hostels

The Male hostels are New Male A, New Male B, C Block, D Block, E Block, B Block and Titanic

The New Male A is among the newly Built hostels and is no doubt the best and well decorated male hostel in the University. It has four (4) bed spaces with lockers for each roommate.

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New Male B

The second choice is New Male B. The New Male B is the closest to the school academic area, and of course a nice hostel to stay in. Aside of that, the C Block is the favourite for Old Students. The C Block hosts most of the Old Students and rumours says the best students are from C Block.

D Block is also accommodating likewise E Block and B Block.

Titanic Hostel

The Oldest and the Biggest Male Hostel is the Titanic. In Unimaid, it is called the Family House. It hosts thousands of students who live their life quite comfortable. It has old facilities though a nice place to catch fun.

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New Male A and New Male B is ₦15,000 while others are ₦10,000

Female Hostels

The female hostels are as good and as bad as the Male hostels.

The female hostels are Aisha Buhari hostel, Murtala hostel, BOT hostel, Aisha hostel, Ali Mongono hostel and Titanic.

Aisha Buhari Hostel

The Aisha Buhari hostel was built together with New Male A hostel. It is the best and newest female hostel. It has four (4) bed spaces and  lockers for each roommate.

The hostel is absolutely neat and every big girl on campus is believed to be from Aisha Buhari hostel.

Next to Aisha Buhari hostel is the Murtala and Ali Mongono hostels. The two hostels are definitely comfortable for a serious student.

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For those who need privacy, B.O.T is the favorite. It is a private hostel thou a bit far from academic area.

Females are not left out from the “Family house.” They have a gigantic Titanic hostel that is a prototype of the Male Titanic hostel. We can’t tell what happens inside Titanic but the environment is ok for a student.

Aisha Buhari is ₦15,000 while others are ₦10,000

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