THIS FRAUD HAS TO BE STOPPED – A call on the SUG President

­We can’t hold our arms and shut up our mouths without saying anything to one to be given right to excercise his francise. We thank you Professor Aliyu shugaba for listening to students’ interest protection as we said during our tussling for leadership.
I followed a lot of writeups in regards to the school fees increments which gladdens my mind, because University of Maiduguri is a university in which students acquire two things, which are learning and character. As part of the learning at times for the voice of your children,
Students’ leadership is not a fashion ground for one to take it as he thinks, you have to work tirelessly to oversee the most important problem of a student, especially those in the campus and give it an immediate remedy. Students are selling bed space to their fellow students at the rate of fifty five thousand naira others at the rate of thirty three thousand naira, which sort of fraud is this and we are good in writing about school fees increments.
Mr President with the increments of the school fees, even your faculty, faculty of law are not paying up to fifty five thousand naira.
Why should we keep quiet?
I’m seriously in a dread if this case of bed space selling will not be controlled by the students’ leadership. I also call unto to Mr President to be out of drowsy and see this problems with a helping hand. To my knowledge, bed space selling by our fellow students is the most serious problem not school fees increments.
Here I call!
As written by Comrade Agyarota and edited by Unimaidgist.

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