“The Song Of Senior Students” A Satiric Spoke Word Poetry about campus lifestyles that carries realistic messages to all undergraduate students

JC Lukman A. Audu(SAUM) is a well-known Spoken Word Artist and a Poet with over 186 poems. What a brave Bard of the Year! He wrote 78 poems in the Year 2019, most notable one amongst them is: “UniMaid Has Spoken” which seems to be a new anthem of Unimaidites.

He is popularly known by his stage name: SENIOR ADVOCATE OF POETRY.
He is a former President of Junior Chapter International, JCI UNIMAID Chapter and an active member of: UniMaid Artists’ Club, Kaduna Poetry Hub, Festival Poets’ Society Lagos and the Continental Society of African Poetry.

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Cross-section of invited guests (Student-leaders)
Credit: SUG Press

He recently performed a Satiric Spoken Word Poetry that captivated the attention of the audience at the Get-together Event for Chritmas and New Year Celebration, organized by the SUG UniMaid under the unflinching leadership of Comrade A. Z. Sunoma, the SUG PRESIDENT.

Download the poem:

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