Unimaid students made a loud cry when the tuition fees was increased unexpectedly. The hash tag UnimaidFeeHike generated over 980,000 impressions on twitter. Students tagged journalists, influencers, politicians,  national assembly and others to consider the plight of the poor and intervene in the hike.

Journalist and Activist Comrade Caleb Ijioma was among the influencers who blew the trumpet loud. National Association of University Students (NAUS) and National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) made a press release against the increment of UNIMAID tuition fee.

On the second day of the trend, the students flooded Sahara Reporters timeline on twitter. Sahara Reporters within hours made an investigation and published the fees hike on its website.

It was reported to UnimaidGist that the following day, National Association of University Students NAUS organized a demonstration at the National Assembly.


Senator Abubakar Kyari swept the floor when raised a motion against the increment of fees in University of Maiduguri. Sooner,  the Senate made it’s stand.

A message by one of the Comrades who was involved in the moment thanked all Unimaidites who were loud during the movement, and everyone who believed and made a call.

His message reads “I’m so excited today that I don’t even know how to express the joy that I feel. I am particularly happy that: for the first time we, Unimaid students made a move in unity and it’s yielding good result. The lesson I take from here is that we can actually achieve anything we are determined to.
In the cause of this struggle, many chickened out, others mocked us, some discouraged and many threatened us but we didn’t relent even when it seems as though we are embarking on a futile journey.

We sacrificed our time, our energy even our resources (airtime, money, data etc). Fearlessly we embarked, taking on all tasks and assignments together. With a united voice we all screamed our way through the elites of this country and this is where we are today!! – a success story-unfolding.

Many Thanks to all of us that made this happen. In a special way I appreciate all the concerned comrades across Nigeria (who though they’re not affected at all championed this cause): wonderful people like Comrade Caleb Ijioma, my brother in Struggle (I met him in struggle against ASUU strike and we have got each other’s back since then), Hon. Dubagari the NAUS Senate President, Comrade Saleh, the NAUS National Vice President, the entire NANS, NAUS and other people who lent their voices to our plight. The totality of the ever determined Unimaid students who took the risk of participating in this movement (Names withheld for good reasons)- you are all highly appreciated.

To the indefatigable Senator Abubakar Kyari, sir we are most grateful as well to co sponsors of the motion on the floor of the Senate.”

UnimaidGist observed the trend avoided name calling and insult on any person. All the trends were on considering the plight of the less privileges who are struggling to graduate.

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