NANS, the National Association of Nigerian Students (Zone D) has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to exert responsible effort on reopening of schools for academic activities.

The Zone D Coordinator of NANS made this charge in a statement, saying it is very embarrassing to imagine the manner in which both local, state and federal governments have handled the issue of school reopening and particularly the 2020 West Africa Senior School Examination, which has led to disagreement between the federal and some state governments.

Part of his statement reads, “…we acknowledge that the debate on reopening of schools at a time like this is prone to mixed reactions, albeit, we are not oblivious of the fact that the disagreement cannot be disconnected from lack of political will linked to years of unseriousness and recklessness on the part of our political office holders.


“However, it must be made known that at the receiving end of this indecisiveness are students that are left idle at home with nothing worthwhile being done to ensure that students resume to classes.

“As an association, we have read of how series of reservations have been expressed against the demands we have tabled to the Federal Government on schools reopening and continuation of classes, we are concerned that students should not just be made to sit at home doing nothing. But, we must state categorically that the conditions we have highlighted in the series of press texts we have issued are not beyond what the government can meet considering the resources at our disposal as a country; it is just a clear case of sheer irresponsibility and unpreparedness which we frown at.

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“Without mincing words, education is the bedrock of any civilisation, it is therefore disheartening that our governments is showing a lack of resolve to make our schools resume. It is on record that the World Health Organisation while commenting on the impact of the pandemic after countries ended their lockdowns noted that it is time for World leaders and policy makers to see COVID-19 as our new reality which requires creative ideas to ensure that activities go back to normal while reducing the risk of the citizens contracting the pandemic. Considering this, we need no soothsayer to know that the indecisiveness of the government on schools resumption is a product of the cluelessness of those at the helm of affairs. COVID-19 is not going away and we cannot afford to keep students at home for a very long time.

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“With the absence of facilities and infrastructures necessary for online learning, it is simply expected for our policymakers to draw out plans for safe resumption of our schools. Luckily, these plans are not an alien invention that we need to visit Mars for, the guidelines are available which unfortunately, the political class has shown zero will-power to effect.

“Furthermore, it is important to call the attention of the Nigerian government to the fact that most countries of the world have tactically resolved the issue of learning during the pandemic by putting certain measures in place. The Nigerian Government must also emulate their counterparts and with immediate effect, make necessary provisions to ensure the resumption of academic activities in our educational institutions.”

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