It is common knowledge that Nigeria is facing slot of challenges among which leadership and infrastructure are chief. According to report, the Nigerian Law School managed by the Council of Legal Education appears to be one of the failed national institutions in the country in terms of infrastructure.

This report particularly reveals the decaying state of infrastructure at the Kano campus of the Nigerian Law School. Things have really gone bad and can best be described as an eyesore.

UNIMAIDGIST understands that Out of the compulsory Two Hundred and Ninety-Five Thousand Naira (N295,000.00) each law student is charged as total fees payable to the Law School for the one year course after graduation from various universities. Out of this, Ninety Three Thousand Naira (N93,00.00) is mapped for maintenance and development of facilities on the campus.

Further breakdown of the N93,00.00 shows tha: Hostel Accommodation costs N30,000, Hostel Caution Deposit is N10,000 while Development Levy and Facilities Maintenance are N20,000 and N33,000 respectively.

Disappointedly, investigation, reveal that the situation of the hostels at the Kano campus is nothing to write home about and can best be described as a decayed structure.

A student who spoke on condition anonymity disclosed that maintenance of the facilities is very poor.

The student said: “It has been really bad. The bathrooms and toilets are in terrible shape not to talk of the rooms with too many occupants. We sleep on tiny bunks and it is too tight for five girls in a room in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. You won’t believe we are still climbing bunk beds, which is very draining. We sleep and wake up with body aches every morning. There are no wardrobes to put clothes. I mean, it’s just too cramped.”


Speaking specifically about toilet facilities, another student of the institution revealed that: “The toilets have blocked pipes and the whole structure can collapse at any time. You can imagine 30 students to one toilet – no water. It makes it very difficult to use the toilets. That makes us wait till it is dark for us to go to the field or any open space to take our bath and defecate. It is horrible here.”

“There is hardly electric light on the campus too”, Another student said. To this student, it was part of the reasons for poor academic performances by students of the Kano campus of the Nigerian Law School.

In the student’s words, “It has not been pleasant at all. The issue of electricity is a major problem. After 10pm, the lights from the generator are put off. This contributes a whole lot to the damning academic performances of students. It plays a huge role in the failure of the Bar final examination. Something should be done about this as the major time for reading is mostly at night and early mornings.”


Another disappointed student said the classrooms are no better as they (the classrooms) are said to be congested. The seats are purportedly uncomfortable and low, which hurts when one sits down on them for a long time.

“The classrooms are cramped, not enough seats, damaged chairs, electrical dysfunction with intermittent sparks from the roof during lectures. We can’t hear lecturers from behind,” another student said.

Insecurity is yet another big issue at the campus as there are reportedly no adequate security infrastructure in place.
A student said that the gatemen do not check cars going into the campus properly. There is the tendency and fear that unauthorized persons may have easy access into the Institution at a time the country is being choked by widespread insecurity.

There are also no street lights on the campus which makes the environment very dark and unsafe.

Among other things complained by the students include difficulties in obtaining cash while on campus, as there are no banks or ATM neaerby. The only means of withdrawing cash is by POS which attracts extravagant charges and biting hard on the students.

One of the students reported that many students who went to the city of Kano  to withdraw cash from bank ATM in a bid to avoid the extravagant charges of POS operators fall victim of Armed Robbery attact. Reports have also revealed that dangerous snakes have been seen many times inside the Kano Campus while another student claims he was once bitten by a snake on campus leading to eye problem as well as kidney infection.


Another student remarked, “The first day I resumed, a friend’s bag was eaten by squirrels just by the Porter’s. All her garri was wasted because the squirrels ate part of it.”

“I haven’t personally had any experience, but I got back from lecture one day and heard my roommates saying they saw a snake crawling out of the room,” another student revealed.

The students are calling on the authorities to undertake a total renovation of the Kano campus of the Nigerian Law School, build more hostels and classrooms on the vast land available, provide ATM as well as improve security.

“We pay high tuition fees. Let the authorities reduce tuition fee or provide improved facilities. They should develop the campus generally,” one student lamented.

When contacted for comments, the Director of Academics, Nigerian Law School Kano campus, Dr. Obiokoye Esq. said he was not in a position to say anything as he was not authorized to speak to the press;

Dr Obiokoye advised that the questions be channelled to the Director General in Abuja but did not provide the DG’s contact.

Emmanuel Ndubueze

A telecompreneur and ambassador of good governance.
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