Muhammad Abba Shettima Congratules M. B. Kime

The Students’ Union Government election concluded on Monday, July 13th saw the emergence of new administration for the next academic session.

Various positions were contested among 27 students representing various faculties in the University.

Muhammad Abba Shettima who contested for the position of General Secretary of SUG was defeated by Muhammad Bukar Kime of the Faculty of Law.

Comrade Abba Shettima Congratulated M. B. Kime on UnimaidGist Facebook page and wished him well.

Comrade M. A. Shettima also took to his personal Facebook page to congratulate all the winners of the just concluded election. His message reads:

¬†Alhamdullilah. After conducting the election today, WE LOST the election, but we stay strong, we move… Politics no be fight.

Congratulations to the winners.

Indeed He gives power to whom He wills and collects power from whom He wills and all His decisions are unquestionable.¬† HE is the omnipotent and Exalted in Might… Alhamdullilah.

Allahumma Ajjirnee fee musiibati wa akhlifnee khairan minha

Comrade Muhammad Abba Shettima was described by UnimaidGist Reporter as a person who has demonstrated true leadership in the students politics

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