How To Succeed In The University

Every student coming into the University will have already set goals which they intend to achieve. These goals usually set by undergraduate at the beginning of their studies are usually lofty and worthwhile. It is no longer news that most students at a point in their academic pursuit tend to drift away from the goals which they have set when coming in as freshers.

The reasons for the loss of focus and ambition are not far-fetched, but this article is not meant to dwell on the causes of the failures rather will concentrate on the steps to follow which will lead to one realising their full potentials.

To this end, this article will suggest five simple steps to follow in order to achieve one’s goal in Universities in Nigeria and University of maiduguri in particular. These suggested steps are;

1. Desire for knowledge: As a student coming into the University a top priority for you to succeed is to have the desire for knowledge, something that keeps you craving to know more. Without the desire for knowledge we would lose focus. The reason many students have failed to meet their targets; such as graduating with a first class honour is because along the line they lose the desire for knowledge. The importance of desire for knowledge cannot be overemphasized because it is what keeps you away from missing lectures, it always keeps you focused in class and in your studies. To succeed you need to crave for knowledge, be hungry for knowledge, be ready to know.


2. Focus on your Goal like a Crane: The crane is a bird that eats fish. Whenever the crane wants to catch a fish, it focuses its attention into the water as the fishes are swimming in the water, with its complete attention in the water, It allows the small or tiny fishes to swim around without focusing its attention on them. The crane will focus and wait for the big fish to come around. If the crane focuses its attention on the small fish, it would loose the big fish. Similarly in our studies, if we want to achieve the bigger things we should allow the small things to pass by. Focus on what is important and allow the things that are not important to pass by. To succeed, you need ward-off all shades of distraction and focus on what is important. Allow the small things to pass by.


3. Stay Alert: Anybody who wants knowledge in their lives or who wants to achieve something meaningful in life must practice the quality of alertness. Although we may go around doing our daily routine, we should not act blind to the things happening around us. There are lots of things to learn from our surrounding, from the people we meet, from situations we encounter etc. The University is another world of its own, be alert in order not to be left out. We can only learn when we are alert.

4. Always give right Inputs to your senses: I remember when I came into the University, I could remember how those who were ahead of us were telling us how impossible it is to graduate with a first class honour degree. As someone who was coming in with a mind of graduating with a first class, I allowed those words to rule over me. Those words became part of me and I also gave-in to the idea and it has affected me. As a student who wants to succeed, you must be conscious of what you feed to your senses. You should be careful of the inputs you give to your senses because whatever inputs you give to your senses actually go and make a very indelible impression on our psyche and our inner being. Therefore, we should be careful to choose those sensory inputs that are of value and those things which we want our mind space to constantly ruminate on, rather than those that will leave indelible marks on our senses and sometimes unerasable.


5. Leave your comfort zone: For you to succeed as a student you must leave your comfort zone. Our comfort zones are those things that don’t allow us to stretch ourselves, to reach for disant goals, to break new grounds or take risks. We must realise that to achieve anything worthwhile we must apply discipline and consistency. We must be patient and persevere. Just as the saying goes” no pain, no gain.” Before you come out shining as a gold you must have passed through the fire of the Goldsmith.
I hope you find these five suggested steps to success useful. It is dedicated to all new students of University of maiduguri. I also believe it can also be useful to returning students as well as other students in other institutions.

Welcome to 2019/2020 Academic session.

Written by Godwin Iotyre 

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