Expensive transport fee on campus

Vote against the expensive transport fee in Unimaid.


Since November last year, the motorcyclists at the University of Maiduguri increased transport fee to #40 to complex, commercial, education and hostels. Their increase was as a result of the scarcity of petroleum in the country last year. Now there is no fuel scarcity, yet the motorists have failed to reduce the transport fee to it’s normal price. There has been little or no effort towards reducing the transport fee as seen.

It’s unfavorable on the side of the students that the price remain unchanged despite the struggle on campus.
I met Amina an Economists student at park today who take two drop everyday before reaching school. She was disturbed and worried about the transport fee on campus.
Dahiru said “The SUG did well times ago towards advocating for reduction of transport fee last year but little has been done this year.”


We are privileged to be students of the great University of Maiduguri, and we are taking this step towards advocating for the change of transportation fees on campus.

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