Comrade Farouk Hands Over SUG Properties to Comrade Sunoma

The Outgoing President of Students’ Union Government (SUG) Comrade Farouk handover SUG properties and documents to the incoming President Comrade Sunoma.

The documents contain all the properties and projects of the Union.

Keys to the SUG offices were among the items handed over to Comrade Sunoma.





Comrade Farouk also took Comrade Sunoma and his executive committee on a tour to SUG Complex and other areas.

Comrade Kime confirmed this to UnimaidGist in a voice note. In his words, he said “today, Comrade Farouk has handed over the keys of SUG Offices to Comrade Sunoma. He also took us round SUG shops and complex.”

Comrade Kime also pointed that the 2019/2020 administration will build on the good works of the outgoing administration and will do more as a Union and representative of the students.

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