The month of May did not end well for most people who knew or had come in contact with Auta Mele Gadzama whom many have described as a perfect gentleman, a young lawyer who died just when his life was just beginning.

This is story is just that of awe and utter dismay. There is a common saying that people get too popular at death but this case is different, it tells the story of a man who was from the humblest of backgrounds but was an influential figure in the field he has found himself, to many he was a raw gold, a friend, a brother, a mentor, an adviser, advocate, teacher and a worthy son. His place in the heart of many has undoubtedly been demonstrated in the numerous tributes that have circulated at Mele’s demise most notably that from the Dean of the prestigious Faculty of Law, University of Maiduguri from where Mele graduated.

Tribute by Prof. Yusuf M. Yusuf, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Maiduguri.

There were other heart-rending tributes from lecturers both at the University of Maiduguri and the Nigerian Law School, his friends, mentees, acquaintances as well as young law students he has tutored.


This excerpt sent exclusively to by a very close friend and colleague of Mele, Barr. Hamza N. Dantani recounts summarily the life of this humble hero, Auta Mele Gadzama. Read as quoted:

“Auta Mele Gadzama (Esq) was member of Nigerian Bar Association, a contemporary at College & University. Auta was born on the 5th August 1988 & died on 29th May 2020.
He was a popular highly engaged & respectful young Lawyer, always ready to make inputs & perspective in any issues.
Death of my Learned friend was really a painful exit & a great loss to University of Maiduguri Law class of 2017, MOGCOLIS the entire noble profession.

Auta Mele attended Mohammed Goni College for Legal & Islamic Studies (MOGCOLIS) Maiduguri from 2006-2008 for his Diploma program. And gained admission into University of Maiduguri through Jamb in 2012 and graduated in 2017, Auta proceeded to Nigerian Law school in 2017/2018 academic session and was posted to Kano campus and was called to Bar on 9th July 2019.

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Auta was a very kindhearted person, hardworking & determined, very friendly & sympathetic.
The nicest thing about him is that he is very respectful to all people regardless of your age, gender, tribe or religious a d political affiliation. He was a gentle Man for all.

Late Auta was a class Representative during his undergraduate program at the university and also head of Clinical Law Students when at 500 level, because of his dedication & gentility which is beyond measure. One funny thing about him is that, when ever he is to pass an information to the students being a class Rep, he must climb up to the podium, call everybody’s attention & start with legal Maxims before passing the information.”


The life of this young lawyer may seem to have been cut short as he he didn’t last even a year in the profession he has so desired and his poor mother put in all effort to help his dream come true but in all sincerity there is a lesson in this noble life of his, we can make an impact in whatever small way we can. Auta is gone but everyone who happens to have encountered him has a wonderful experience to share.

Emmanuel Ndubueze

A telecompreneur and ambassador of good governance.
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