UnimaidGist has observed the challenges being faced by students while trying to access the newly portal of UNIAMD and so have in this piece penciled the simple steps towards making every students’ experience with the new  portal hassle-free. If these steps are carefully followed, we can assure that no errors will be made and no difficulty will be experienced.


  1. Once you login to use your I.D No. as both username and password, a page pops up where you will enter your email (please use a working email as your verification link will immediately be sent to the email.
  2. Open your email, check your inbox for message from UNIMAID PORTAL, click on the verification link to verify your email.
  3. After the verification another page pops up where you will login using the details you have provided in step 1 above. 
  4. From here you are landed in a page where you will change the default password (your I.D. Number). Kindly follow the simple steps to change your default password to a more secure one. Note: Your new password MUST contain:
    1. An upper case (example A)
    2. A lower case (example a)
    3. Special character (example @ # & etc)
    4. Number (1 2 3 etc)
  5. Once you successfully change your password, you shall be longed into your personal profile where you can update your personal details and upload your passport. Without updating your personal details you won’t be able to save Course registration.
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Contrary to general opinion that ICT has not uploaded students’ courses as earlier promised, what you do on the portal is not course registration rather to save or delete some courses that you don’t offer. Once you log in you will see all your courses already on your profile, all you need do is check for accuracy and download for printing (if you so wish).

All challenges being experienced like showing old academic level, payment status still unverified among others are currently being handled, patience is expected from all ends as the portal is just at its testing stage.

Emmanuel Ndubueze

A telecompreneur and ambassador of good governance.
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